PDT System

Product Delivery Tracking System

This system is designed for product delivery tracking. It is software developed with rfid integration. Many of retailer are facing problem as the perfect product is not delivered to the customer location. It creates unnecessary problems for retails. The cost involved in correcting this is huge one. Rather than this the lost faith in customer mind creates other problems which takes time of management.


SR System

Security Reporting System (SR System)

This is creative product evolved by Aruman, it has unique characteristic which makes this an identical product system. It will give you opportunity to review the security guard working. This enables you to have alert when guard has neglected to visit a place while making the rounds of premises.


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Application Developed For Sectors

  • Retail Sector
  • Manufacture Sector
  • Banking Sector
  • IT Sector
  • Aviation Sector
  • Medical Sector
  • Civil Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Government Sector
  • Auto Sector
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